Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms in Toddlers

Attention Deficit Disorder in Toddlers is hard to diagnose compare to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The average age for diagnosis is after 3 years old. Many parents did not aware their child has ADD before they attend the school because symptoms of ADD in toddlers are not very obvious.

Common Symptoms in Toddlers

    1. Easy to be distract and difficult to concentrate.
    2. A slow speech development is one of the common and clear symptoms of ADD in toddlers. Toddler can talk and understand around 20 words when they are 12-18 months and around 24 months they will understand around 200, then in 2 or 3 years old, a child can talk 300 words and understand more than 1000 words. Different child have a different learning milestones but it should not have a very big different. Example for slow speech development for toddlers is a toddlers starts to call mommy and daddy after 2 or 3 years old.
    3. Unable to follow a simple direction.

Your child should have the above symptoms more than 6 months so that can be diagnosed with ADD.


Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment for Toddlers

Treating ADD children at a young age is important, because can identify them earlier and provide appropriate treatment, so can increase their chances of succeeding in school.

The most common and popular treatment for ADD is taking drugs but doctor will not giving drugs for a toddlers. The drugs will carrier a lot of bad side effect for adults and children older than 4 years old. Most of the drugs cannot give to child who under 4 years old. Drugs of treating ADD might affect the brain development of a toddler. As a parent you must be happy, if you heard that is a natural and effective treatment for your child. Yes, a natural, effective and no side effect is exists – The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment.

Chinese Master a well known Malaysian Chinese Physician. In 1997, he received a First Class Acupuncturist Award from SuZhou Acupuncturist and Association which is subsidiary of Bei Jing International Acupuncture Association.

Chinese master born in a Chinese Medical Physicians family. He start learns Chinese Medical knowledge when he was still a child. He practices at his family Chinese medical centre. After many years later, he starts his own Chinese Medical Centre.

He improved his family herbal formula and acupuncture technique to treat ADD and ADHD child for more than 30 years. The new herbal formula and acupuncture technique had proved the effectiveness. Some parents send their child to Chinese Master for treatment when they not yet 4 years old and the ADD symptoms had disappear after a period of treatment. The kids succeed in their school. It is the reason why Chinese Master always asks the parents to send their ADD child for treatment as early as they can.

A story from a ADD Child mother

My son was always intense than other babies. He not yet crawling and walked but he verbalizing some basic words when he was 6 months old. Normal babies cried but my son not only cried and also screams.

I was so worried about him but my friends and families always told me boys are active and he is just a normal boy. Until he is 3 years old, he had a high fever. I brought him to see Chinese Master and he was running and playing around in the centre. Chinese Master talked to him and asks me to send him to had a test. I cried. Finally someone else besides me saw it! So I send him to run some test. The result shows, my son is ADHD. I went back to the meet Chinese Master for ADHD Treatment. He is on intensive treatment for a year. Now he is 8 years old, he is doing well and just like other normal kids.


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